Risk Surveyor

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Roles & Responsibilities:

1- To work with Property & Engineering Underwriters in order to assess the potential financial risk posed by offering insurance cover for items or sites and provide underwriters with information about how to reduce risk or whether insurance cover should be offered.

2- To provide underwriters with necessary feedback including proof reading reports after carrying out detailed site surveys.

3- To visit risk sites alone or with underwriters

4- To assess and evaluate risk to buildings, employees or customers by undertaking appropriate research

5- To carry out detailed site surveys

6- To write and proofreading reports for underwriters

7- To provide advice to clients and making recommendations about required improvements

8- To assign quality grades after improvements have been made

9- To liaising with health and safety inspectors, clients, insurance brokers and underwriters and collect photographs as evidence

Competencies & Skills Required:

  •  BS degree or equivalent qualification in Engineering, preferably in Chemical or Construction or Mechanical or Electrical, Industrial;
  • 2- 3+ years working experience in risk management and loss prevention, preferably in operations or insurance/reinsurance
  • Strong working knowledge of and experience in OSHA Process Safety Management; EPA Risk Management Plan; Process Hazard Analyses; Mechanical Integrity and Quality Assurance; Management of Change; Process Safety Information; Emergency Response Planning; Fire Protection; Pre-Start-up Safety Reviews; Operating and Maintenance Procedures; Facility Siting of Portable and Permanent Buildings.
  • Working knowledge of Consensus Standards (e.g., NFPA, API, ANSI, ASTM, ASME, ISA, etc.);
  •  Working knowledge of property insurance
  •  Attended training by an internationally recognized institution on fire protection standards


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